Whisper Ultra Soft ~ Product Review

As a marketing professional – advertising and marketing campaigns by brands are always of an interest to me. I distinctly remember Whisper’s “Touch the Pickle” and “Like a Girl” campaigns. These campaigns created an alternative conversations around menstruation and female hygiene urging women to break free from period taboos.

The brand continuously propagates how women should feel comfortable at all times.  Recently, they launched the ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ that claims is twice as softer. They hosted a beautiful event for bloggers where Radhika Apte and Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, talked about how important it is for women to be comfortable during her periods and not consider periods a taboo. Check out the video here.

Product Review

This beautiful hamper had cotton balls, cotton napkin, eye-sleeping mask and a sweat band


The packaging is different from the regular greens and purples yet feminine. I hope they come up with other colours and designs

I’ve been a regular user of Whisper Ultra – the pads with green packing and Whisper Ultra nights- the pads with purple packing. Whisper has been less irritant than the other brands that I have sporadically used in the past. However this new product is softer and feels lighter than other products of Whisper. During days of low flow some pads tend to make the skin very itchy – but with Whisper Ultra I didn’t feel a thing! The pad is highly absorbent – so I didn’t have the ‘wet’ feeling during my period at all.

What I like about the product

  • Pleasant fragrance – no synthetic or plastic-y smell when you open the pack or individual pads
  • Product is softer
  • Product is light and doesn’t feel heavy
  • Comes in two variants – L and XL
  • Longer length with wider back
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin

What I don’t like about the product

Nothing as of now! You should try the product for yourself.

Go, check out their latest TVC here



Stop feeling like this cute adorable pug during your periods!

Girls, be unstoppable! Talk about periods with everyone – boys and girls. Don’t shy away and feel ashamed.

whisper ultra soft






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