Do you say thank you?


When was the last time did you say Thank You and actually meant it? Replies to messages and courteous Thank Yous do not count. When did you “say” thank you?

Top Bloggers in Mumbai  were tweeting about this campaign by Hindustan Times and their simple movement about thanking their valuable readers. Making wishes come true is the biggest way of conveying thanks and Hindustan Times has successfully touched a chord by going an extra mile.

Watch the video here:

If you can’t recollect, then it’s high time you take a step back and think about the people in your everyday life who make a difference, in whatever they do.  Below I’ve compiled a list of people who I think are grossly under appreciated. Don’t you feel great when someone appreciates your efforts? Take a moment. Remember everyone. Say thanks to the amazing people who make your life so much better.

Thank your Mom for EVERYTHING

h2She calls you to check if you’ve eaten. She checks on you when you work late. No matter how old you get, you are still a kid to your mommy. When was the last time you said a simple thank you to your mom for everything that she’s ever done for you. She never expects it. Before you get angry and yell at her, think twice.

Thank your Bai for all the dirty work

h3She cooks, cleans, washes dishes, and scrubs the floor. She makes sure your home is spic and span. Yes, she sometimes forgets to turn on the fan after sweeping the floor, but when was the last time you even acknowledged her presence and smiled at her?

Thank your rickshaw/taxi walla Bhaiyya

h4I follow this habit personally. Whenever I get off the rickshaw or taxi, I mumble a sincere thank you to the bhaiyya who helped me reach my destination safely. A thank you never hurt anyone.

Thank your office peon

h5They run errands for you. They get you your coffee just the way you prefer, keep your office clean and help you with all those little things that you do not have time for. A bright smile and a thank you can only brighten their day

Thank the delivery guy

h6It’s their responsibility to deliver your order safe and in time. They work overtime and often on weekends too just to ensure this. Ever thought about how they work or in what conditions? They may never ask, but offer them a glass of water and offer your thanks

Thank the innumerable people

Offer a silent thanks to everyone who help you live this beautiful life. You may never have seen your newspaper vendor. You may not even know who delivers milk every morning. The security guard in your society may be an invisible person to you. There are so many people like these.. You may not know them personally, but they matter. They help you lead a better life.


Take some time off. Say thanks. Who would you like to thank today?


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