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I’m a self confessed-forever-hungry kind of person. So, when I finally got bored with the regular food (oh please, everyone has this love-hate relationship with their ghar ka khana), I started toying with the idea of ordering lunch at work. My mom was offended, almost teary-eyed. She couldn’t fathom the fact. Although I explained my “Variety is the Spice of Life” funda, she refused to buy it. After a few weeks, she calmed down. Praise the Lord for that!

Update April 2016: I’ve added two more services that I’ve subscribed to in the recent past!

For the past several months, I’ve been ordering food from various tiffin services in Mumbai. Five-Six nine to ten months to be specific. Looking for tiffin services isn’t easy I must say. I had my priorities and most of them didn’t fulfil it. The most important being:

1. Hassle Free Online Transactions
2. Variety in food options
3. Non-veg tiffin
4. Value For Money
5. Healthy tiffin

While researching, some services asked me to pay a refundable deposit. I’m assuming it’s for the tiffins. I wasn’t comfortable with it. Since, I already had planned to switch between services, this option was little cumbersome.

I regularly try new services as I love trying out new food and I tend to get bored with repeated food very easily.

Here’s a quick tip, always go for the trial pack before subscribing.

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked about my recommendations for tiffin services, quite a few times and here in this post I have summarized my experiences with different tiffin services providers:

Happy Grub

Happy Grub
Website is designed keeping easy navigation in mind
Happy Grub Meals
So many options for meals!

I can summarize Happy Grub in one statement – Nutritious meals that taste like home cooked food. Currently I am subscribing to this tiffin and this is my second happy month. Meals can get repetitive but the amount of junk food that I consume daily, I believe I need to balance it out with some delicious, healthy and ghar ka khana food that is not oily or bland.

What I like:

  1. Variety of services- healthy meals, tiffin services & nutrition counselling
  2. Convenient ordering – The easy to navigate website making online ordering very easy, simple and quick
  3. Easy packaging – The outer packaging is a light weight paper box, meals are served in disposable plastic containers
  4. Lot of options- Meals can be ordered for lunch or dinner. Other options include healthy meal, jain meal and diabetic meal. Meal plans include eco, mini and executive. Duration includes 5 or 6 days
  5. Sumptous meal – I’ve opted for Eco meal and the food is more than enough. Dal, Sabzi, Salad and three rotis are served. Ocassionally pasta is also served
  6. Friendly staff – At times when the tiffins are delayed, I’ve made a too many frantic calls to the Happy Grub team. They have been patient enough to calm me down (Hunger makes people go mad). On the occasion of my service getting over- they also extended the plan and I paid for the service only the next day
  7. Light on the pocket – HappyGrub’s subscription packages will leave you smiling

What I don’t like: 

  1. The fact that they don’t serve non-vegeterian food 🙁
  2. More variety of meals can be included

Value for Money: I paid 2000 + taxes for an Eco Meal for 5 days for a monthly subscription. I’ve never been happier while paying for a tiffin service.

Kitchen On My Plate

Tiffin Services In Mumbai
The customer experience of ordering dabba online is heightened with a good website like this
Tiffin Services In Mumbai
I paid 3460 INR for 22 tiffins


Highly recommend this dabba service to folks who enjoy their meat and fish. I stumbled upon this service after a few google searches. The website is well maintained and easy to navigate.  I zeroed in on a trial pack for three tiffins- consisting of both veg and non-veg. I then went to buy a month’s subscription.

What I like:

  1. Wide variety of choices- nutrimeal (start and full), veg & non-veg options (meat, fish and egg), costumised lunch tiffin, dinner tiffin, even catering options available
  2. Easy to pay online
  3. Good customer service – Quick replies on calls & Whatsapp
  4. Nutrimeal includes three chapatis, dal, curry and salad/fruits. Quantity is above regular tiffin portions
  5. Non-veg meals are very tasty
  6. Different dals & curries every day
  7. Interesting mix of salads
  8. Value for money

What I don’t like:

  1. Non-veg curries are too oily but I discount it because it’s so yummy
  2. Salads could be improved

Value for Money: 3460 INR for 22 Non-Veg Nutrimeal Tiffins and 1500 INR for 10 Take in Turn (Alternate Veg & Non-Veg) Nutrimeal Tiffins

 Get Lunchin

I strongly recommend to try this Get Lunchin if you are looking for a ‘restaurant jaisa slightly healthy but sumptous’ khana!

For more details, read my blog post here

Hola Chef

They call themeselves restaurant on cloud! Fancy isn’t it. Variety food for affordable price. Read the complete review here:


I’ve used this service for more than three months. The have a very active social media team and the problems/queries are addressed very quickly. Their newly introduced mini meals is just perfect No rice, Three Chapatis, One Veg/Non Veg dish.

Pic Courtesy: Spicebox.in

What I like:
1. Option of having a mini meal
2. Alternate tiffin plan: You receive veg and non-veg on alternate days
3. Easy online transactions
4. Neat packaging reusable and microwave friendly containers
5. Tiffins aren’t repeated during the week
6. Friday surprise a new dish that’s either Chinese, Italian or something different altogether
7. Sumptuous food The quantity is just enough. Even if you have a HUGE appetite, their regular meals will suffice

What I don’t like:
1. Wouldn’t call it exactly “healthy” tiffin. Dishes sometime have a tad bit of oil floating around
2. Though the tiffins aren’t repeated, they get monotonous. After three weeks, you get used to the pattern!

Value For Money: It cost me something between 2000-3000 INR including the dabbawalla charges. I have tried their alternate full meal plans and the non-veg mini meals.

What the website says


Many of my colleagues complain of lack of food choices amongst Mumbai Tiffin services. If you like having continental or Multi-Cuisine food everyday foodees is where you need to look. They are priced slightly higher than the other food services. But on the offsite, they offer a wide variety of preparations.

What I like:

1. New menu every week: Yes, they send friendly reminders every weekend about the new menu
2.  6 meal options to choose from: From Salads to Sandwiches to Indian to Continental, they have covered a variety of cuisines
3. Specials:They once had Kolkata specials. The menu sounded interesting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling too ambitious that week. Wish I had given it a try 🙁
4. No hassle of a minimum order- You can order any number of tiffins.  I quote them directly here: “You can place orders for your meal daily or weekly. We leave it upon yourself to order as you please. Just make sure your order for the next day reaches us prior to midnight a day prior.”
5. You know what’s in your tiffin- Some people like surprises, while some need to know exactly what’s in their tiffin. So when you pre-order for the entire week, you will only be surprised by the goodness of the food
6. PASTA- I’ve made countless number of colleagues jealous. They couldn’t believe that I get pasta in my dabba. Cool, no?
7. Discounts if you pay 3000 or 5000 INR in advance

What I don’t like:
1. Higher price point compared to other tiffin services
2. Pre-ordering for the entire week on the weekend can be tiresome. (Well, I’m lazy. Once, I even forgot)
3. Keeping a tab: You need to deposit a lump-some and then order every week.  So calculating the amount left in your account is again cumbersome. Though, I pestered the foodees team with constant emails, they were kind enough to be patient and provided screen shots of the orders. Plus points for that
4. Not so sumptuous food quantity: Quantity is always debatable. With pastas, I feel they can increase the quantity. I’m always left wanting for more.

A snap-shot of how their menu looks like. Do check out their complete menu.

Value For Money: I paid 3000 INR  and received a discount of 10%. Enjoyed their food for about four weeks. Have tried veg and non-veg variants of their Salads, Sandwiches, Indian and Continental meals

5. Dial-a-Diet

Currently I am ordering  my dabba from this service. Their motto is to deliver calorie counted food that’s not bland. It’s been only three weeks that I’ve started. They send a note with the calorie chart of your tiffin for that particular day. They take two days to process your order and work on a 20 day service. Trials are of 4 days.

Pic Courtesy: dialadiet.in

What I like:
1. You have a choice of choosing the meal as per the calorie level. I picked the low-calorie one and am very happy
2. Sumptuous food and variety: I get a soup, salad, curry, dal and three chapattis. That’s quite a lot!
3. Nutritious yet yummy food- Their menu has everything that spells HEALTHY. Yet it’s tasty. I look forward to their soups and salads. Who knew, healthy food could be so delicious. (I meant dabba food)
4. No repetitions: So far, they’ve never repeated any meal.
5. Friday Speciality- They have something new every Friday.

What I don’t like:
1. Packaging:They use disposable plastic containers. It can get cumbersome sometimes
2. They also send a packet of tissue, salt and disposable plastic spoon. According to me, this is a complete waste and can be avoided

Some of the options that they offer

Value For Money:  I paid a little over 3000INR for 20 meals; that’s a month. Going by the quantity of the food, it’s a steal!

Update: I switched to Spice Box after Dial-a-diet. They have changed their packaging. They now use disposable containers. However, I wasn’t too happy with the same. Dial-a-diet is the best option out of the three if you ask me.

6. What  2 Eat 

Though I did not subscribe to this tiffin, I have enjoyed the food of this tiffin service courtesy, my friend in office!

What 2 eat

What I likes:

  1. Clean, disposable and unique packaging compared to other tiffin services
  2. New tiffin every day. You may never know what you might get the next day. In case you have preferences, you may notify the company of the same
  3. Veg, Non-Veg and alternate meals are available
  4. Pocket friendly. Meals start from 95INR (for veg) to 130 INR (for non-veg) per tiffin
  5. Healthy & nutritious food. Not a tiffin that serves too oily food

What I don’t like:

  1. Sometimes, boring food is served. When you get used to fancy looking food, plain food becomes boring right?

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  1. Awesome reviews…!! Thanks a ton…I myself was a bit confused on which tiffin service to choose from, your blog really made that a lot easier…Thanks and keep blogging..!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for thid review. Much needed. If any additional thoughts, please share. For now spicebox seems to be a good idea…

  3. Been using foodees.in for over a year now. Really love the meal variety and quality and the fact that you can customize your meal and pay accordingly. Their website needs a redo and some sort of order tracking.

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