Inji Puli

In my last blog post I wrote about my different food experiences. A rather unique one was the spiced hot chocolate from Krispy Kreme. I’ve always enjoyed the spice-sweet food combination and this post is just about that! Many think that sweet and spicy together isn’t palatable. However, I disagree with this notion. One of my favourite ketchup sauces is the hot sweet  tomato chilli sauce after the regular tomato one. The hot sweet sauce adds the right amount of spice and has the perfect tanginess which makes any boring food interesting. I’m of the firm believer of “Everything tastes […]

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Review of Fab Box Snacks

I’m always hungry. I need to supply myself with constant doses of food to fulfill this innate hunger! Because I always need a constant supply of food at work, I’m on a perpetual look out for interesting snacks that I can munch on. Currently, there are a couple of snacking options in India. I reviewed two of them in one of my previous posts earlier. 

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Food Review – All Stir Fry (Andheri)

All Stir Fry Review

I have always loved Chinese ever since I was introduced to the cuisine as a kid. Chinese food was prepared at home as a treat to us- the kids. The love for Chinese food never diminished. The Chinese food that was introduced in the 90s was merely an Indian version. The chinese food that we have known has developed. It’s more of “Pan-Asian” cuisine. As Vir Sanghvi says “Classifying a cuisine as Chinese is pretty complicated. Often it may not refer to a chef or a dish from the mainland at all.” So, this New Year’s eve when I decided to […]

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