The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

We are all inundated with ads everywhere. I don’t even have to state examples. Everywhere you look, you see an ad. These ads do make a point but they also annoy you. Advertisements does influence you to make purchase decisions but what is the recommendations from our peers is the ultimate decision maker. Think about the last time you made a valuable purchase. A smart TV, an expensive gadget, a car or the last time you tried out an e-commerce portal or a new service. Think about the last time you were skeptical about a movie. To finally consider a […]

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Influencer Marketing : It’s not what you think

Myths about influencer marketing

“Oh, so you are a Blogger. So lucky, you must be getting everything free na?” *Awkward Silence and forced smile* “Do you do work?” “Yup! I work at a digital marketing agency” “Nice. What do you do?” “I work with other bloggers and influencers for my clients” “Hmmm” This is what happens when I attend a blogger meet or events where I am introduced as a blogger. I’ve been blogging for a few years and since the past two years I’ve been exclusively working with other bloggers and influencers for various campaigns for my clients. Influencer Marketing is still at […]

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