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A few months back, I was called to attend a event that commemorates 150 years of the iconic Singapore Sling. I’ve always been intrigued by the city but that event made me think about visiting the city soon. Maybe for my honeymoon? Well that’s at least what I thought. I read more about the city thanks to the press kit and I made a silent wish of visiting the city soon.

Visit Singapore

Cut to a few months later, I was asked to visit Singapore for an official training session of three days. I was excited and nervous. I’m visiting the city for the first time I wanted to stay back for a few days but I wasn’t sure. I’ve never stayed alone and this was totally new to me. After some coaxing by the big boss of the company, I decided to extend my stay in the city.

I was now going to spend a total of 7 days in the city. Three out of the seven days were dedicated to training. I had four days to explore. My boss volunteered to help me around with the city a day prior to the training. This effectively meant that I now had three days to myself. I could anything that I wanted to. I had a huge dilemma. There are so many things to explore in the city. What do I do?

I partnered with the Singapore Tourism Board and they were kind enough to help me around with the city for three days. Naseem, my guide escorted me around the city and ensured that everything was taken care of. She answered all of my zillion questions very patiently. I had a memorable Singapore Trip thanks to my company and Singapore Tourism board. In my next post, I w

Traveling To Singapore Alone


Below I have detail out aspects about my trip that will help you; if you are first time visitor or a returning tourist.

Things you should know about Singapore before visiting the city

  • Buy a local SIM instead of carrying an international SIM card. SingTel offers lucrative offers on pre-paid cards that will suffice for your trip. I bought a 50 $ (Singaporean Dollar) pre-paid card with a talk time of 50 $ (Singaporean Dollar) and an additional of 10 sms free per day and a 5 GB data plan. The card was valid for a week and it suited my needs perfectly! Do check for their other offers at the airport
  • You can drink water straight out of the tap! The water hygiene standards are at par with WHO standards
  • The climate is hot and humid. It also rains quite often. However the rains do not last for long. You’ll notice all hotels & restaurants have umbrellas at all times. You may carry an umbrella just to be safe
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for local help. Singaporeans are very polite and always ready to help. They will always greet you with a smile
  • Explore the local cuisine especially the Malay and the Chinese food
  • Plan your trip according to your stay and prioritize your visits. I have only about four days to explore the city and its impossible to cover the entire city in a few days
  • Ditch your diet when you are in Singapore. You will not regret it
  • If you want to cut costs, travel by local transport. It is an extremely well planned city for both its citizens and its tourists. This means, it is easy for tourists to commute from any location
  • Don’ forget to research well- online and offline. I discovered some incredible places via my boss who knew the city very well. Talk to people who’ve been to the city before. They can give you some insights that our dear google may not help us with
  • Shop wisely. It’s easy to get carried away because having a lot of options is very confusing and tiring! And we all know Singapore is a shopping haven

My next post will be only about the food that I’ve tried in Singapore. I couldn’t click pictures of everything I ate, but I promise that I will do my best to summarize my food escapades.



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