Spa By JW

Spa by JW

We all love to pamper ourselves once in a while. A me only time at a spa not only helps us unwind but it also rejuvenates us. So when I was recently invited by Spa by JW, Sahar to review their summer specials, I was ecstatic to indulge myself in some spa goodness and I told myself that this is exactly what I need considering the back to back travel and hectic work life during the past few months.

An infograph that encapsulates my experience at Spa By JW, Sahar
An infograph that encapsulates my experience at Spa By JW, Sahar

A little about the Spa

Spa by JW offers a host of therapies based on four benefit states – Calm, Renew, Indulge and Invigorate. They also have a 24 hour fitness centre that includes a spa, sauna and pool.

The spa has 7 Therapy rooms and 2 express treatment pods. Two express services are mostly dry treatments like hydrating hands, tense shoulders, back massage, scalp all done on the special fusion chairs. The 12 minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes dry massages done on the unique Express pods for the back, neck, shoulder and hands are a quick fix to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Spa by JW is operational 24 hours in order to cater to the business travellers. Spa By JW also has ayurveda rooms and couples bathing jacuzzi.

The Spa is designed in a way that it is both inclusive and exclusive. There are separate sections for women and men. Waiting lounges are away from the treatment centres however close enough to the reception and lobby. They also have 24 hour express snacks bar. Products used for the treatment are also sold at the counter.


Express Service. Image Courtesy: Spa By JW
Express Service. Image Courtesy: Spa By JW
The Spa Lounge Image Courtesy: Spa by JW
The Spa Lounge Image Courtesy: Spa by JW

Summer Therapies

The spa at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, had introduced their new summer therapies to beat the scorching heat this summer. These therapies are customized using pure, naturally sourced ingredients designed to renew and detoxify the skin. The new summer treatments include the invigorating Fruit Vitamin C Facial, the cooling Peppermint Body Massage and the After Sun Refreshment. Each summer treatment has been designed to address the four core benefit states: Calm, Indulge, Invigorate and Renew.

My Experience with Spa By JW

I opted for the cooling Peppermint Body Massage. Over the last couple of days, my back was strained and I could feel the knots on my back. I had specifically requested the therapist to concentrate on my back and urged her to apply medium to high pressure.

A little more about the Peppermint Body Massage:

A relaxing and cooling body massage with peppermint oil blends that soothes and calms the senses while the therapist uses various strokes for a perfect summer escape. This therapy is ideal to keep the skin cool, fresh, to reduce tan and improve blood circulation.

The customized summer treatment was a soothing, luxurious and an indulgent experience. The treatment lasted for close to 90 minutes. The therapist worked diligently first on my back, then hands and legs. Each session was aimed at easing the muscles and relaxing my body. I nearly drifted off to a deep slumber by the end of the session, thanks to the relaxing ambiance and an accompaniment of good music that complimented the splendid body massage.

Treatment Prices

The prices of summer special services offered range from 3000 INR onwards.

Overall Verdict

What I like the most about Spa By JW is the service and the luxury that it offers. You will always want to comeback.

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