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We lead stressful lives. We stress about so many things; the important decisions in life and also the small nagging things in our daily lives. We need to hit pause; stop and stare at the roses to give ourselves some moment of consideration. We need to recharge our batteries. That’s why visiting a spa once in a while is essential. We need to relax our body, calm our minds and replenish our energies.

Relaxing is considered as an indulgence of sorts. It is as vital as daily sleep. Why do we ignore our bodies and work ourselves to pain?

With an aim to explore a new spa and therapy, I visited Shen Reflexology in Bandra.

The founder- Shweta Nadkarni invited me for a review and offered their most popular services – the hand and foot reflexology.

Here’s what Shweta has to say about reflexology

‘Reflexology in these countries is a way of life where most people make sure it’s part of their weekly agenda. You will find a Reflexology centre every two steps since people out there realise the benefits of Reflexology. That’s how the idea really cropped up that it’s important to bring this concept to Mumbai given the stressful lifestyles here. My aim in starting Shen is to get as many people as possible to experience this amazing therapy and benefit from it’ 

Shweta’s extensive travel to countries in east Asia made her realise what was people from Mumbai are missing out on. The fast paced lifestyle needed the power of reflexology and aimed at offering Mumbaikars an relaxing experience, Shweta got her Diploma in Reflexology and Anatomy and Physiology from the International Spa and Beauty College, Hongkong.

I reached the reflexology centre on a Sunday morning at 11am. The staff greeted with me with pleasant smiles. I was escorted to the reflexology room where all the massage chairs are situated.

The ambiance was calming with low dim lights and soothing music. A masseuse started working on the tension knots of my hands and then legs. The entire reflexology treatment of hand and leg message lasted for about 75 minutes. The pressure applied and the techniques used were unlike other spas that I regularly visit.

I requested for a high pressure massage and although in the beginning I wasn’t used to the pressure, the over all effect of the massage eased my tensed muscles and joints.

The hand and foot massage was then followed with a 15 minute shoulder and back massage. The massage techniques used are unlike the other spas. More attention is given to the tension knots in the muscles.

The services offered are exceptional when compared to their prices. This form of therapy is new but nonetheless as relaxing as regular spas.

About Reflexology

– A holistic therapy that works on the hands and feet to restore the balance within the whole body.

– In Reflexology, hands and feet are like mini-maps of the whole body, so that the entire body can be stimulated by applying pressure to various reflex points.

– The aim is to stimulate the body’s own healing process in order to keep it balanced

Benefits of Reflexology

– Relieves stress and tension and has a deep relaxing effect (more than 75% of disease is estimated to be stress related).

– Improves blood circulation consequently increasing the efficiency of overall body functions.

– Improves waste and toxin removal and elimination.

– Helps release trapped nervous energy and improves neural efficiency; more than 7000 nerves are stimulated during a Reflexology session.

– Activates the body’s self healing.

To know more about the services offered by Shen Reflexology, visit their website here.

My first visit to the reflexology has leaved me with an ever lasting impression. I am definitely going to book another appointment soon.



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