Review of Fab Box Snacks

I’m always hungry. I need to supply myself with constant doses of food to fulfill this innate hunger!

Because I always need a constant supply of food at work, I’m on a perpetual look out for interesting snacks that I can munch on.

Currently, there are a couple of snacking options in India. I reviewed two of them in one of my previous posts earlier. 

I continue to subscribe to The Nibble Box. Snackosaur is not serving at the moment- their website says they will be back soon. I have colleagues who prefer Snackosaur over Nibble Box. But I’m a loyal Nibble Box user.

I learnt about The Fab Box from Twitter, when they followed me. After checking out their website, I found out that they have some interesting snacks to offer. I doubted whether they are all nutritious but they did sound yumm.

Website Experience


Review of Fab Box Snacks In Mumbai
The website type is of a clean parallax (scroll through) which makes the browsing experience neat and easy
Review of Fab Box Snacks In Mumbai
The product pictures are okay. Could be better
Review of Fab Box Snacks In Mumbai
The mechanism is neatly displayed
Review of Fab Box Snacks In Mumbai
When I compared the pricing of Fab Box snacks to that of Nibble Box, I found it is almost similar when compared to quantities served. Nibble Box delivers smaller quantities of snacks ( 4 snacks of 60 gms each) while Fab Box delivers more snacks in one box ( 5 snacks of 150 gms each). While the cost of Nibble Box is around 400 INR per box, Fab Box Snacks cost 999 INR per box.

What I bought

I bought a trial pack (Mini Fab Box) which consisted of 5 snacks with varying quantities. Two snacks of 150 gms each and three snacks of 60 gms each

Though numerous snacks were available, I picked up the above 5 because they looked most interesting. I also wanted to gauge at the variety of options that they offer.

After I placed an order, I received a call from their in-house chef to understand my preferences and make changes to the customization available. Snacks are standard but according to every user’s taste preference, customization can be made.



Fab Box Review
The box is about 15 inches wide- which is huge and not travel friendly considering if I have to store it in office. Individual packages are easy to carry around & reusable. Information pertaining to the product is neatly displayed on the packaging.

 Product Experience

Almond Bar 

Snack Options in Mumbai
This pack consisted of two almond bars. What I liked the most is that the snack is not too sweet. One bar is enough to fill me up.

Soya Nut- Lime

Fab Box Review
This snack is addictive! It’s the perfect ‘chatpata’ and tangy snack to satisfy your savoury craving. I was told by the Fab Box Chef, that this snack is one of their best-sellers. After tasting the snack, I can understand why.
Fab Box Review
If you love ‘savoury’ snacks, then you should definitely try this one. Everyone who tried this snack, loved it

Mix Nut Chaat

Fab Box Review
This is another ‘chaat’ snack which can get addictive. I had to stop myself from consuming everything at once. If you don’t like nibbling nuts that are devoid of any flavour, try this.

Smoked Almonds

Fab Box Review
I’ve had smoked almonds before and I think this could be better. It found this snack a tad too salty. Otherwise the snack is enjoyable

In Conclusion

  • Fab Box has a variety of snacks to choose from that are different from the regular snacks available
  • Fab Box supports fair trade
  • Fab Box doesn’t have fried snacks
  • Fab Box snacks claim to have no artificial colours or sweeteners
  • You can pick snacks of your choices or leave the job to the team of Fab Box and get surprised
  • Team consults you for your tasting preference

    Overall Experience

    I enjoyed the snacks. I would definitely like to buy another box; if smaller quantities of snacks are made availableMOABG Blog Rating

If you have tried out Fab Box or intend to try them out, do let me know! 🙂



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