Punjab Di Shaan at Soma, Grand Hyatt

A few days back, Grand Hyatt Mumbai invited me to dinner at Soma to try their  North Indian cuisine that was specially curated for ‘Punjab Di Shaan’ menu.  What caught my attention was the way food was presented. The live show-kitchen and the serenity of Soma’s contemporary art accentuated the pleasure of fine dinning at the restaurant.

Chef Vinod Rana and his team of culinarians ensured that we had a lovely evening. I’m not a huge fan of Indian food. However, this meal was an exceptionally good. The clichés of North Indian food being spicy was debunked.

What we had was anything from the regular north Indian food. Yet, each delicacy superceded our expectations. The flavours weren’t contrasting, over-powering or even mediocre.

Grand Hyatt has a special set menu for Punjab-di-Shaan priced at 2,015 INR plus taxes which offers you selection of unlimited vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, soup, main course and desserts along with the unlimited Black Label whisky and spirits like Ketel One vodka, Gordon’s gin, Captain Morgan rum, Domestic beers and wines.

I would strongly recommend you to try this meal at Soma!

Indian Food
The ‘in-betweens’: Poppodums and Indian Sauces
Subz paneer tikka
Subz paneer tikka
Indian Food
Rann e sikandari, Jhinga khada masala & Tawa gosht
Murgh Shorba
Indian Food
Main course includes Pyaz kesar da pulao, Paneer mutter de sabzi, Daal Makhni and others
Indian Bread
Makki di roti and Khulcha
Gajar da halwa and Khajur de kheer

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