Getting Glammed Up Before The Engagement


In my previous post, I wrote about my decision to start a Wedding Planning series. This is the second post in the series where I’ll share my experiences with MyGlamm and detail out the services that I have availed before the engagement that will help me look my best! About My Glamm MyGlamm takes the concept of ‘at-home beauty services‘ to the next level. They have professionally trained artists who take care of everything right from basic grooming needs like waxing, threading, manis and pedis to more elaborate requirements like bridal makeovers, mehendi, spas. The services can be booked either through the MyGlamm […]

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A Big Announcement

For days, I’ve been thinking about how to write this announcement post. How will I break this news? Will it be too much of a social media share? Though I am extremely active on social media, I haven’t announced anything about my marriage plans or decisions. So here it is, I’m getting married this year! 😀

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Food Review – All Stir Fry (Andheri)

All Stir Fry Review

I have always loved Chinese ever since I was introduced to the cuisine as a kid. Chinese food was prepared at home as a treat to us- the kids. The love for Chinese food never diminished. The Chinese food that was introduced in the 90s was merely an Indian version. The chinese food that we have known has developed. It’s more of “Pan-Asian” cuisine. As Vir Sanghvi says “Classifying a cuisine as Chinese is pretty complicated. Often it may not refer to a chef or a dish from the mainland at all.” So, this New Year’s eve when I decided to […]

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I like it short!

Some of us are averse to change. But others like me are constantly in search for a change that is not permanent. Preferring a change and changing are two different things. I may like the change, but I don’t necessarily want to make that move to change.  This is because the change that I crave for is not in my comfort zone. I feel the need to change; but I don’t want to change. This is the constant battle of contrasting thoughts. Two ideas- both compelling, but both antithesis of each other. Which one do I pick? If you’ve been following me on […]

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How do I buy the right 4G Phone?

There comes a time in your life when you are daunted with the task of buying a new phone. The phase is laced with mixed feelings- you are excited about getting a new phone, but at the same time you hate it when you can’t make that decision of picking the right phone. What’s the right phone? Who decides what’s best for me? What if I like everything about the phone but I hate the phone’s interface? Should I buy the latest Android phone that has caught everyone’s fancy? These are just some of the questions that I asked myself recently […]

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Don’t do that to your hair!

We all know how  curly and wavy hair need extra TLC (tender loving care).  Managing curly/wavy hair is like trying to lose weight- you need to put in extra effort and sometimes you think it’s all worthless but in the end, the effort always pays off. If you love your hair and do not know how to effectively manage it, one of my previous posts might help you!

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Influencer Marketing : It’s not what you think

Myths about influencer marketing

“Oh, so you are a Blogger. So lucky, you must be getting everything free na?” *Awkward Silence and forced smile* “Do you do work?” “Yup! I work at a digital marketing agency” “Nice. What do you do?” “I work with other bloggers and influencers for my clients” “Hmmm” This is what happens when I attend a blogger meet or events where I am introduced as a blogger. I’ve been blogging for a few years and since the past two years I’ve been exclusively working with other bloggers and influencers for various campaigns for my clients. Influencer Marketing is still at […]

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Types of Mumbaikars I meet in a Local Train

I like to people watch. Observe people. Create tiny stories in my head about what their life is. I try to be a Sherlock Homes, decoding and deciphering their personas. I do this everyday while I’m commuting to work in a local train. Travelling in a train is like a live psychology class and my people watching hobby gets a major boost! In my earlier posts I have shared a few anecdotes related to train travel. I have also shared a few of my observations.  Here are 9 types of women who you’ll meet everyday if you travel in a […]

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Not just about Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

I’ve previously expressed on one of my blog posts how I enjoy reading about Mumbai and the people. I also feel Indian authors are underrated (We are not talking about Chetan Bhagat here) I regularly pick up fiction and non-fiction books by Indian authors. My latest read was Dongri to Dubai by a very well known Indian Journalist S Hussain Zaidi.

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