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Tired of eating the same tiffin every day; or want to order something special but bored of restaurant food? Hola Chef if the answer to your concerns!

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Holachef.com claims to be a fine-dine restaurant in the cloud! The meals at Holachef.com are cooked by chefs prepare using the finest of ingredients every day; and they serve you right at your doorsteps.

Holachef review in Mumbai
Here’s how the website looks like
HolaChef review in mumbai
Variety of dishes to pick from

Even got a discount coupon!   Knowing my penchant for trying out new food services, Holachef.com graciously offered me coupons worth 1000 INR which I could redeem at one meal. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of food available and how reasonable it was. Four of us had a sumptuous dinner for just 1000 INR.

Hola Chef review
My final order


Holachef review in Mumbai
Everything that I ordered from Holachef.com

I ordered a variety of veg and non-veg; Indian, Italian and continental. Apart from the soup- which was a major disappointment, everything else was okay.

Veg Makhanwala in Mumbai
Veg Makhanwala by Chef Madhavi
Malai Kofta in Mumbai
Malai Kofta by Sonam
Herb Grilled Fish in Mumbai
Herb Grilled Fish and Mashed Potato by Chef Bhakti Mehta

What AyeNuMe Likes:

  • Reasonable
  • Online ordering makes it easy and convenient
  • Menu changes every-day
  • Offers a good variety in terms of cuisines and dishes
  • Offers Lunch & Dinner
  • Can pre-order a meal or just order for the day depending on your need

What AyeNuMe Doesn’t Like:

  • Some dishes are oily
  • Can’t really experiment because you don’t know how it will taste- the case with my glass noodles soup
  • Only delivers to a few places in Mumbai

Final Verdict: Rating Hola Chef     Signature (2)

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