Types of Mumbaikars I meet in a Local Train

I like to people watch. Observe people. Create tiny stories in my head about what their life is. I try to be a Sherlock Homes, decoding and deciphering their personas. I do this everyday while I’m commuting to work in a local train. Travelling in a train is like a live psychology class and my people watching hobby gets a major boost!

In my earlier posts I have shared a few anecdotes related to train travel. I have also shared a few of my observations.  Here are 9 types of women who you’ll meet everyday if you travel in a local train!

local train mumbai

Loud Lalitas

These are the kind of women who are just too loud. They talk on the phone as if they are speaking to someone who can’t hear properly. You almost want to tell them to take a chill pill and talk a little softly. I can listen to their entire conversation. No, I’m not interested in knowing that their neighbour is having an affair with Mrs Sharma but yes I did get a wee bit interested when I heard them talking about Aamir Khan. I don’t want to eavesdrop. But you know their loud conversations do not help me at all!

Reading Ranis

These are the women who always carry a book, magazine, newspaper or a kindle. They are always seen reading when alone. When they meet a friend or an acquaintance, they make excuses to get back to reading. You may know that I’m a book-worm. Any one with a book in their hand has my attention. When I spot them, I invariably check the title of the book and start analysing them. P.S: The ones with Chetan Bhagats are quickly ignored.

Fashionista Fionas

Their fashion sense is impeccable. Women check them out at least twice. Their make up is just perfect. They are unaffected by the attention that they get since they are used to it. These girls show case all the latest trends and styles. As soon as I spot something that I like, I quickly make a mental note and check out the accessories, bags and clothes later, online. I applaud these girls for their panache. It requires quite some effort with strut around the platform and trains in heels. Extra brownie points for that!

Not-so Stylish Sonias

2 points for their efforts but minus points for their styling and fashion sense. These girls make a style statement of their own- of not being so stylish. Their fashion and styling sense is just too gaudy. Everything that they wear is just wrong- mismatched outfits, loud make up, gaudy accessories. You mentally offer them some advice.

Workaholic Winnis

Always seen working on the laptop or talking on the phone about work. Maybe their work demands them to always stay connected. Maybe they are  catching up on pending work. Maybe they don’t want to go home and work. There could be so many reasons. I personally, would never work out of local train.

Eavesdropping Evas

If you happen to commute with a bunch of friends and have some interesting conversations, these women tend to follow you so closely that they laugh when you laugh and keep smirking at you. You then just wonder- what the hell just happened! Happened to me a couple of times. While a few of us indulge in some funny talks, these women smirk as if they are a part of your group. Eerie, much.

Rude Romas

You’ll never find them happy or ever cordial. Always rude and snobbish, even. Ask them something about the next station they reply curtly with a grungy looking face. Once I accidentally nudged an elderly woman. All I said was “Sorry Aunty”. The lady took offence and curtly replied, “I’m not your aunty”.Okay then Miss.

Always-on-mobile Monica

Clicking selfies, checking her make up, or just whatsapping. These women are always on mobile. They can even walk around the platform without lifting an eye-lid from their mobile screens. You’d think that they often bump into people or things. No. Never. That’s their talent. It’s nothing short of a super-power, I tell you. How do I know? Because I identify myself with this group. 😛

Stunt-woman Shreya

They board and alight the train before it stops. Their sense of achievement comes from the fact that they can perform such stunts everyday. Not advisable but everyone has their own way of attaining cheap thrills. Some women end up sprinting even when the compartments aren’t crowded. It annoys me that they resort to their whims when it could put their life in danger.

My people watching habit continues, so if you find a woman staring at you in a local train, it may be me or my spies. 😉

What category do you fall under? Come on, tell me in the comments below!


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  1. Loved reading your article. I haven’t travelled on local trains much but I can compare this to people I have seen on buses.

  2. Im in the people watching group =P I LOVE it. Its like a huge movie scene. So much to entertain me for the entire ride. Unfortunately the society where I am has made it sos its rude to look at a stranger for longer than 3 seconds, but its still secretly exciting to notice all these groups…with a few more subgroups if i may add some as well?.. ive found some Looky Lulus as well… they stare at everyone else in their vicinity, and I mean, full on head to toe eye burn. Ive found some Humming Harriets who as you can tell are always humming a low guttural tune that is as annoying as a bee too close for comfort.. and last but not the least…some Lip Smacking Shilpas…who cant seem to eat with their mouths closed and stop forcing an eyeful of their lunch du jour!

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