Maintaining Curly Hair

I have been receiving lot of queries on how to maintain curly hair. So I teamed up with Advanced Hair Studio to bring to you the following tips that will help you!

how to take care of curly hair

While the big curly hair and waves look great and add great volume and bounce, they come with a whole set of to-dos to enhance the look. Listed below are few hair maintenance tips from around the globe, get these right and you are off to a great start to caring of your Curly Locks.

Number of washes per week

We all think it’s a good idea to wash hair frequently, to keep it glowing and clean, however little do we realize it strips our hair of natural oils and makes it dry. While this was ok for a person with straight hair, but it’s a cause for trouble for people with curly hair. Our advice would be for you to wash it a couple of times a week, using a good shampoo for curly dry hair and leave –in conditioner.

Not combing wet hair

Post a hair wash, it’s always best to let your hair dry naturally, without combing it. While this is standard rule that should be followed by everyone with every kind of hair, its particularly important for curly haired women because it causes breakage, opens up the curls causing a person to have really big unmanageable almost afro-like-hair.

In case when absolutely needed, use a wide toothed comb to comb out the tangles in your wet hair.

Drying curly hair

While drying curly hair, avoid rubbing and scrubbing your hair with the towel, which would most definitely cause fiction, followed by fizzy hair. Using an old Tshirt instead of towel is a great alternative to squeezing out extra water from your hair.

If you absolutely need to run out and can’t wait to dry your hair naturally, it’s best to use a diffuser attachment to blow dry while using your fingers to comb through it.  While you use this, make sure you always prep your hair with a good heat protectant spray, brands like Tresemme has a good range specially for such needs.

Scrunch with a good styling product

A good serum or leave in conditioner is great investment for curly hair. It is also advisable to scrunch your curly mane while each product is applied on wet hair. Let your hair absorb this, before adding another product. Also do not overload your hair with products as these tend to weigh your curls down, making them flat and greasy.

Brands like Herbal Essence and Brahmi’s are great options to stock for your curly hair maintenance.

Regular oil massage

Curly hair looks great if hydrated, and looks not the best if dehydrated. A good ‘oil- champi’ is an effective solution for such hair to look it’s best. I would recommend, oiling your hair with warm coconut hair and olive oil alternatively once a week, this should ideally be kept overnight and washed next day. For people who eat eggs and can bear the smell, it’s a good tip to use Egg Yolk in your hair, keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

Restore your Hair at Night

It’s a good idea to roll sections of your hair and pin them up under a hair cap while sleeping at night. By doing this, even if you move around in your sleep, your curls don’t turn into this frizzy mess. It will retain its shine and look great when you open them next day.

Retain your curls between washes

Getting the bounce and retaining your curls midweek is now easy. All you have to do is get an empty spray bottle and fill it with equal portions of water and a leave-in-conditioner, spray on your hair between your hair wash days, scrunch and leave it to dry naturally. Voila you have – great curls back.

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