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Musings_of_a_Bombay_GirlDo you live to eat or eat to live? I belong to the first category. Each meal is precious. Every experience with food is to be cherished.  Some of my best memories in life are associated with food! That’s how much I love food. Every time I travel to a new place the first item on my to-do list is to try out their cuisine. Every new restaurant or eatery that opens up, I try looking for something ‘hatke’

When Krispy Kreme opened in India, a few friends and I decided to drive down to Powai post 12AM to try some doughnuts. While my friends were busy deciding which doughnut to order, I decided to try one unique looking item on their menu- the spiced hot chocolate.

I was the only one to go for what was perceived as a ‘different connotation’

I got the ‘are you serious’ kind of a look. Though the combination may sound repulsive, I was in the mood to experiment with my taste buds. The drink was good, much to my surprise.

Another time, I tried the hot chocolate mudslide at Indigo. It’s the perfect drink for me- a heavenly combination of vodka and hot chocolate. The chocolate lover in me did a somersault when I read the description off the menu during a lazy Sunday brunch. Talk about ending the brunch on a high note.

A Terrific combination of Vodka and Hot Chocolate

Food experiences may not be the same for everyone. Have you ever thought of combining Paan and a Martini? The idea seems ridiculous right? Once during a friend’s birthday celebration at Renaissance Hotel, we decided to explore new drinks.Paantini was on the menu and we took an instant liking to the name.  I was curious and intrigued at the same time. While waiting for the drink we spoke at length on whether this drink will live up to our expectations or no. The drink arrived and everyone took turns to try a sip of this newly discovered drink! The connotation was beyond brilliant. The experiences with the Paantini lead us to order another paan inspired delicacy- the paan ice cream! Our evening was one crazy adventure

The other time I had a chamomile presse cocktail which had a base of vodka and gin. I enjoy green tea but chamomile is my least favourite. In fact I detest it. I know a lot of people who swear by the calming powers of chamomile. I, however seem to be unaffected. So at a social gathering, when I was ‘dared’ to try something that I don’t really like- I was offered the chamomile cocktail. The cocktail has subtle hints of chamomile and I was glad that the alcohol empowered all the flavours of chamomile that I do not really like.

Shhhh… speak easy!

These are just a few of my adventures with food. I enjoyed narrating them to you through this blog post. It helped me relive those precious food memories. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Axis bank’s latest campaign of #Foodventures talks about this special feeling. Here’s a video where Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghvi talk about their #Foodventures


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