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Sweet and SpicyIn my last blog post I wrote about my different food experiences. A rather unique one was the spiced hot chocolate from Krispy Kreme. I’ve always enjoyed the spice-sweet food combination and this post is just about that!

Many think that sweet and spicy together isn’t palatable. However, I disagree with this notion. One of my favourite ketchup sauces is the hot sweet  tomato chilli sauce after the regular tomato one. The hot sweet sauce adds the right amount of spice and has the perfect tanginess which makes any boring food interesting. I’m of the firm believer of “Everything tastes better with ketchup”.  I don’t think I can survive without ketchup. Can you?


That’s how I feel when I see a bottle of Ketchup

If you are a Ketchup lover like me, you should check out this  fun Buzzfeed quiz that helps you rate your love for ketchup!

While sweet & spicy ketchup is a brilliant idea; there are several Indian dishes that cater to the vast palates and cravings for the delectable combination of sweet & spice.

Every Indian dish has its own story. Every Indian masala has its variations depending on which part of the country it originates from. The beauty of Indian cuisine is that while the ingredients are same the flavours can be so dissimilar or unique. While North India may have the sweet and spicy snacks, we Keralites have our own sweet & spicy sauce- the Inji puli (Also called Puli Inji)

Inji puli or the Ginger-Tamarind is brown sauce made of ginger, green chilies, jaggery and tamarind. Ginger renders spiciness while jaggery and tamarind enhances the sweetness and sourness of the sauce respectively. The combined flavors of ginger, tamarind and jaggery works brilliantly for the Indian palate and it is finger-licking good 😉 The sweet-spicy sauce has an added benefit of aiding easy  digestion of food.

Inji Puli is one of my favourite items of the Kerala Sadhya during Onam. Any Keralite feast is incomplete without the Inji Puli. My fond memories of visiting my native place in Palakkad in Kerala involve waiting for my aunt to prepare this delectable sauce. I invariably associate this dish with my visits to Kerala. The beauty of food is that you associate it with some loving memories. My association with Inji Puli is of sheer happiness and a strong bond with my family back home in Kerala. My aunt prepares the best Inji Puli I’ve ever had. I love her preparation so much so that every time I have a relative visiting  from Kerala, I ensure that I get a bottle delivered to me.

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I don’t have my aunt’s Inji Puli recipe, however I am sharing this brilliant recipe by Kaveri Venkatesh that I chanced upon quite recently. In case you are interested in cooking some sumptuous authentic Kerala sweet & sauce for a change, go for the Inji Puli. You’ll love the symphony of the flavours J

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