Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Hair Colour Review

Godrej Hair Colour Review

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When it comes to hair colour- the two main pressing points are the chemicals used in the product and the price of the product!

Godrej Nupur has launched the new range of Coconut Henna Crème at an attractive price point of 39 INR per pack. The key natural ingredients are Coconut Oil and Henna. When it comes to hair care, these two ingredients have been used in India for eons!

Natural Hair Colour Review
The Key Ingredients of Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

My parents have been colouring their hair for a few years now. So when the Godrej Nupur team sent the product for a trial- my mom keenly volunteered to try the product.

Hair Colour Review

Here, I’m reporting the results that have been shared by the motherness! As this is a new hair colour that mom was trying out, she did the skin hypersensitivity test before 48 hours of application.  

Directions to Use:

Each pack comes with two pre-measured sachets and all you have to do is mix it and apply!

Be careful to squeeze out the crème colour and developer sachets completely.

After application, leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy Usage
  • One pack is enough for one-time usage for up to medium length hair
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • No allergic reaction (My Mom has sensitive skin)
  • No ammonia

I’ve noticed a lot of women tend to mess things up while colouring their hair. Here are few things to keep in mind while applying hair colour:

  • Choose a hair colour that complements your skin tone. You can find tips on choosing the right colour HERE
  • Avoid apply hair colour directly onto the scalp-!
  • Do not keep the hair colour more than the required time- it will not enhance your hair colour
  • Use hair products meant for coloured hair
  • Minimize your hair exposure to direct sun to help the colour stay longer

The product is truly a #ColourThatCares. It’s been two weeks that my mom has coloured and the greys are not back yet.  Her hair also feels nurtured and cared for, thanks to the coconut and henna that this colour is enriched with. It has become softer & shinier, and definitely looks healthier as well.

Colour That Cares Godrej Nupur Hair Colour Review

Being a social media enthusiast, I’m keenly following the brand on their social media pages as well (links below). I like how they have used minimalistic imagery.

Website – www.godrejnupur.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/GodrejNupur
Twitter – www.twitter.com/GodrejNupur
Instagram – www.instagram.com/godrejnupur

I give 4.5 stars for this product as my mom is very happy and will definitely go for Godrej Nupur when she needs to colour her hair the next time!

Location Courtesy: Renaissance Mumbai

Photography: Pallavi Kamath

Creatives & Edits: Yours Truly

Godrej Nupur Hair Colour Review

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