Travel Tips That Can Save You a Few Bucks

I love traveling. Who doesn’t? I travel every day. Via the Mumbai Local Train.

*Long Pause*

Like every Mumbaikar, I claim my commuting hours as a bonus to my traveling zeal and enthusiasm! An average Mumbaikar’s life consists of at least an hour of commute.

Traveling Tips for Mumbai

Jokes apart, if I could, I would pack my bags, travel the whole year round. If only such fancy dreams come true! When my friends make plans for their travel a constant question that keeps raking in their minds are about finding good deals- in short saving more!

I’m an occasional traveler. Basis on my personal experience and what close friends have shared, I am sharing a few saving tips that may come handy for you.

Fly for free

Who doesn’t love free air miles?

Yes, you read that right. You can fly for FREE. All you have to do is sign up for an airline miles rewards card. There are a couple of options. The latest I heard of is Citi Bank’s PremierMiles Credit Card. They offer  10,000 Miles with the first spend of 1000 INR, complimentary access to airport lounges and guess what the miles do not expire  Sign up for a credit card and make use of the bonus points.

Plan in Advance

Planning A Vacation
Don’t be surprised, planning ahead does save you a lot of money. Think about it.

Check different airline websites, lucrative holiday packages and look out for the discount period. Cash in and claim your sweet discount while booking for your airline tickets in advance. If you book your vacation packages in time, you might benefit from an early bird offer as well.

Mid-week Flying

You can rub your hands in glee when you grab amazing deals

If possible, try to avoid departures on a weekend. Midweek flights are often cheaper than travelling at weekends.

Connecting Flights

You’ll probably feel like this. But, we gotta save money right?

Don’t make that drab face while you read this. Connecting flights save money. But yes, it make take a little longer for you to reach your destination. But you have a choice- save more money or travel with uber comfort.

Travel during off season

Did I just share something new?

Everyone is holidaying during the holiday seasons! Take some time off during the non-peak time and you’d be surprised to find how much it saves money. Fly when it’s the cheapest.

Travel to Places that are not ohhh so expensive

Budget Traveling is possible

Want to travel to Paris, New York, Switzerland? Then forget about saving. Not only are the flights expensive; the food, travel & lodging takes a spike in the costs as well.  Countries like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand are a lot cheaper to visit.

Home Exchange

Think about it. It’s not a bad idea

Through websites like and; you can discover not just the city that you intend to visit, but you can experience the culture and meet the locals from the place.

Avoid spending at expensive restaurants

Noodle to the rescue

Find a good grocery store next to your hotel or opt for home cooked meals. Eating out can get expensive

Use public transport

Mingle with the locals. Get to know their culture

You might want to consider using public transport as opposed to car rentals or chauffeur driven vehicles. Local transportation is one of the best ways to explore the city. There’s a good chance of you getting lost as well. You may then call yourself a wanderer. *Again Long Pause*

Travel in your own country

Mera Bharat Mahan

An overseas vacation might be your dream vacation, but there are many places in India that you could explore. Try visiting lesser known places and you’d be surprised to discover the beautiful cultural diversity that India nurses.

Do you have a special saving tip? Share it with me in the comments below!


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