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It’s been exactly a month since my engagement. It was a very small function with just close relatives. The ceremony was nothing elaborate but just a simple exchange of rings.

engagement rings

I’ve received a lot of requests to share details of  my outfit and make up on my blog. Hence, this post- detailing out my look.


This post is in the third in the Wedding Planning series. I will be sharing tips on how to manage your wedding. This will help you- if you are a soon to be bride- just like me!


The entire look

Engagement_Outfit Ideas

Lehenga: I bought the unstitched lehenga from Gandhi Market, Sion. I opted for a colour that compliments me very well. I didn’t want to go with a bright red. I ultimately zeroed it down to pink, orange and maroon. Maroon won, hands down!

Accessories: NADCO, Andheri West. I found everything from bangles, bindis to jewelry there.

Shoes: Myntra



  • Never buy any outfit from the first shop that you browse.NEVER. You’ll always find better outfits in other stores.
  • Overthinking can also pose a problem because it will never help you buy any outfit no matter how perfect it might look on you.
  • The fabric and outfit shape needs to compliment your body type. A dress might look great if it’s not for your body type- it will never flatter you.
  • If you have picked the right fabric, it can transform beautifully once it is stitched & worn. Always keep the fabric in mind. It needs to be comfortable and yet complimenting your body type

Engagement Mehendi- MyGlamm

Mehendi Designs for Engagement
What do you think of the engagement mehendi?

I haven’t done mehendi in a while- so when I got Mehendi done for the engagement I grossly underestimated certain factors.

I did my mehendi, three days before the engagement which proved to be a not so wise decision. My mehendi, on the engagement day was lighter. This almost caused me a panic attack!

Despite rubbing my hands with clove oil – which seemed to have worked brilliantly for my mom and sister, did little impact on my henna colour.

Pro-tips: Dedicate an entire day to mehendi. Once the henna dries off, don’t let your hands touch water for at least a day. Also, steam your hands whenever possible

MakeUp and Hair – MyGlamm

Bijon, Pooja and Jyotsna from the MyGlamm team did a spectacular job on my engagement look.

I was apprehensive as I didn’t want to go OTT with my make up, nor did I want to underplay my look. My make up had to be- perfect!

Bijon simply asked me- what do you want to do? I said I want to focus on eyes and lips because those are my key features. Bijon then suggested a simple smokey eye look with coral lips.

Although I smiled and nodded, in my head I had a billion questions. Why simple, it’s my engagement after all! Why coral- I don’t think coral suits me. Will the simple make up look too simple for an engagement?


But when Bijon completed his look, I was stunned! This was just what I needed. The fact that the make up was done within 2 hours was another bonus. I couldn’t have stayed put any longer. I’m an impatient person.


To avoid last minute hair scares, I had met with Pooja a few days before the engagement to discuss my hair styling. I was getting paranoid as I was worried my short hair won’t suit my outfit. I couldn’t think of any hair styles that would match my outfit as well. Pooja assured me that loose curls would look perfect and would accentuate my outfit as well. After a thorough blow dry- which made my hair straight, Pooja proceeded to define my curls with curling tongs and a simple side tuck ensured that my hair stayed put and neat. I requested Pooja to accessorize my hair with some flowers to give it a traditional look.

The hair was thoroughly blow-dried and then it was given loose curls
Smokey eyes, coral lips and curls!


I liked how the gajra was neatly tied with the hair with a quick slide flick.


Overall, it took about 2 hours for my hair and make up. Phew, any longer than that- I would have a hard time coping up. MyGlamm team made the entire process very smooth and hassle free. I strongly recommend that you try out their services.

The MyGlamm Team

A few things to keep in mind: Get trials done way in advance and be clear with what you want. Also, don’t hesitate to trust the experts. Sometimes their suggestions can bring in a huge difference to your look. Do a lot of research in the latest bridal hair styles and make up. You don’t want to look like a 90s bride! When in doubt, just go for the classic and elegant looks that will never go out of style.

Plan. Breath. Enjoy your day.


Photography: Nikhil B

Make Up & Hair: MyGlamm

Location: Mirage Hotel, Andheri


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