How do I buy the right 4G Phone?

There comes a time in your life when you are daunted with the task of buying a new phone. The phase is laced with mixed feelings- you are excited about getting a new phone, but at the same time you hate it when you can’t make that decision of picking the right phone.

What’s the right phone? Who decides what’s best for me? What if I like everything about the phone but I hate the phone’s interface? Should I buy the latest Android phone that has caught everyone’s fancy?

These are just some of the questions that I asked myself recently while considering a new phone. I am no expert when it comes to gadgets. My requirements were:

  • 4 G enabled
  • Good camera (Don’t care how many Mega Pixels but photos should look fab on social media)
  • Good selfie camera (Should be able to click good selfies that can earn me more followers on Instagram)
  • Long Lasting Battery ( I don’t want to charge my phone every 6 hours)
  • Different user interface (Hate the new Lollipop interface)
  • Light weight
  • Sleek looking

Even after copious amount of discussions with peers & friends and very little research or introspection I couldn’t find the right phone. Even after about one month’s research, I wasn’t able to clock down on one phone that was upto my satisfaction.

Every day, I continued to research about different varieties of phone from different manufacturers. My budget was fixed. No way am I spending more than 25,000 INR for a phone. Knowing how swiftly change my phones (a phone every year), it is only wise not to invest too much in a phone!

Today, a good phone is not just restricted to the credibility of the manufacturing company. Handsets are being analyzed and judged with its individual capacity as well.  A Nexus may be superb phone however I am not comfortable shelling out 30,000 INR onwards for its latest variant whose specs are not really impressive.

If I were to analyze my past phones and buying habits, my needs have increased depending on the technology made available at that time.

I don’t even go to the physical stores to check the phones anymore. YouTube video reviews and different gadget websites help me make my decision.

Websites like Flipkart categorizes and displays phones from different new and upcoming manufacturers who make brilliant handsets.  What is unique about Flipkart is that they have an array of phones sorted according to their specifications. I was particularly interested in the 4G phones. Flipkart made my shopping experience easier and in no time I was browsing through the latest phones that were 4G enabled. Over the years, I have bought phones from various manufacturers. I like exploring new brands that offer value for money. Through Flipkart, I discovered Huawei Honor 7.  Honor 7 was not the only 4G phone available but I instantly took a liking to the features of the phone.

Honor 7 review
Source: GSM Arena

It was love at first sight. I began researching extensively. This time getting specifics and understanding intricate details such as RAM and battery usage.

Honor 7 review
Source: GSM Arena

Here was a phone that had features which other phones that I was comparing against didn’t really have or match up to:

  • 4G
  • Quick unlock through intelligent fingerprint reader
  • 3GB RAM
  •  3100 mAh battery combined with SmartPower 3.0
  • Smart EMUI 3.1
  • Dual SIM

Honor 7 was being sold exclusively on Flipkart. The sale date was only a few days away. Like a desperate college student checking for her exam results online- I kept refreshing the page every day- even though I knew that the phone was launching only a few days later. The day the phone was launching, I was hooked onto my Flipkart App – checking my phone every two hours. I bought the phone the moment the phone was launched on Flipkart!

Source: Phone Arena

Here’s what I enjoy the most about the phone:

  • Quick unlock: I use my finger print to unlock
  • Quick charge: It just takes about 1 hour
  • Long lasting battery: I charge only once a day
  • The unique user interface (UI): The phone has emotion UI (EMUI) which is a cross between iPhone and android

This video beautifully reviews the phone:

What I don’t like about the phone (but can live with it):

  • Screen reflecting in sunlight
  • Not so strong body: Phone has fallen thrice since its purchase and with the absence of a protective cover the phone suffered some minor injury marks

The phone’s numerous smart features continue to help me every day. It has been more than a month that I have been using the phone and I can effortlessly say that this is the right phone for me.  My definition of the right phone keeps changing according to my needs. As of now, this phone is perfect for me and I bought the phone without burning a hole in my pocket!

I’d love to know more about your ‘right’ smart phone! Share your stories with me in the comments below. Musings_Of_A_Bombay_Girl_Signature

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