Himalaya Herbals Face Pack Review

himalaya Face pack reviewIn my previous post, I reviewed the Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub. In this post I will detail out my experiences with the Purifying Neem Pack which I have been using for over a month now.

Let me admit it – I feel guilty of not taking enough care of my skin. This doesn’t mean that I do not use any skin care products. No matter what creams or lotions I use, I always have this feeling of not doing enough for the skin and end up using too many products.

This is why over the past few weeks, I have limited the usage of skin products and have been using only the ones that are absolutely essential.

I don’t want to feel guilty of not taking care of my skin. The zit or any indication of a pimple popping up gives me the creeps. My wedding is just months away and my skin has so many pores.

I have always trusted Ayurvedic products and the few products of Himalaya Herbals that I have used have worked for me. What I like the most is the goodness that the product offers. You get the same benefits of ingredients that are well packaged and ready to use. No fuss or stress over creating your own face pack. I’m not the kind who will spend hours to create the perfect home face pack. I rather use products of a brand that I trust the most and that gives me maximum benefits.

The purifying neem pack is for people like me- the busy women of the corporate world. Women who give their skin as much importance as compared to other aspects of their lives but somehow miss out on proper skin care due to various factors such as unavailability of ingredients or lack of time.

The purifying neem pack is the perfect solution to my problem. A ready-made ayurvedic pack that has no harmful chemicals or ingredients and give my skin the nourishment that it needs.

My Experience with Purifying Neem Pack

neem pack

I use the face pack at least once every 10 days. On the days that I use the face pack, I do not use any face wash or any face creams. The texture of the face pack is not that as of a cream but is thick enough to be applied as a pack evenly on the skin.

After generously applying the pack over the face, I always have this tingling feeling which is natural and is an indication that the product is working its magic on your skin. After 10-15 minutes, I wash it off to a newer and suppler skin.

Personal Tip: While washing off the face pack, use rose-water instead of tap water. You’ll know the difference 🙂


What I like about the product

  • Natural ingredients- Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti), Neem & Turmeric
  • Leaves skin soft and supple for a long time
  • Compact design – easy to carry
  • Product doesn’t make the skin too oily like most face packs
  • Product reduces re-occurrence of acne
  • Pocket friendly – 130 INR for 100g

Because of the consistency of the product, there may be chances of product spillage in case you are not careful.

To know more about Himalaya Herbals and their products, visit their website, Facebook or Twitter


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