Himalaya Facial Wipes Review

Mumbai has only two seasons I believe – Summer and Monsoon! It’s either too hot or it’s raining. The heat is unbearable and to add to that daily commute is a task. I’ve resorted to wearing make up after I reach office because the heat and sweat disturbs my make up and it starts to look patchy by the time I reach office.

Right in time, Himalaya has launched their latest product – Facial Wipes. These are perfect #WipesOnTheGo! It’s a boon for people like me who commute to work using public transport in this sweltering heat! What I like the most about these wipes are that they are alcohol free, freshens the skin instantly and not expensive ! Read on for a detailed review below. Overall, these wipes help freshen up our face with just a wipe!

Himalaya India’s Facial Wipes

Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes

Cleansing the face can be a challenge while we are on the go. No matter where we are, these wipes makes it easy to get a fresh look in just a minute!

Packed with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes help moisturize and soothe your skin while effectively removing dirt.

The natural, gentle formulation instantly refreshes your skin and helps maintain the moisture balance.

In addition to keeping your face moisturized, Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes are a boon for those wearing makeup. Now, no more struggles to remove your makeup! Enriched with natural ingredients, their facial wipes help cleanse your skin gently.

Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes are soft and do not contain alcohol.

The convenient, resealable, packaging prevents the wipes from drying, locks-in moisture, and helps retain freshness.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Facial Wipes

Purifying wipes to cleanse our skin

Cleansing our face can be a challenge while we are on the go. No matter where we are, we can enjoy a fresh look in just a minute!

Himalaya Purifying Neem Facial Wipes cleanse our face, and are infused with the goodness of antibacterial Neem and Turmeric to help keep your skin clean, pure, and fresh.

Their facial wipes are convenient makeup removal solution. At home or on the go, taking off makeup requires extra cleansing help. It’s a quick and easy fix with the gentle and effective cleansing of Himalaya Purifying Neem Facial Wipes.

Himalaya Purifying Neem Facial Wipes are soft, do not contain alcohol,  and help keep the skin clean and fresh.

 After using the two, I don’t see any major differences apart from the neem and aloe vera ingredient. Both can be used by all. Maybe moisturising Aloe Vera may suit you if you have sensitive skin and purifying neem can help keep dust and dirt away from your face.

After using the wipes, the skin has a cooling effect for upto five to ten minutes. The skin can feel a bit tad sticky compared to other wet wipes available. This may be because this product doesn’t contain alcohol.

The packaging is snug and fits in any bag – effectively I have found my perfect #WipesOnTheGo

After a long day of work, commute and all that stress a refreshing facial wipe that easily removes make up, makes life easier. Often I have noticed that the facial wipes are harsher on the skin around the eyes. These wipes did not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin

No matter where you are, you can use these wipes and that’s not the best part it. Easy to open and reseal packaging ensures that the moisture and freshness stays use after use.

I tried the wipes to remove the make up on my hands and on face. The result was the similar – although I admit removing make up from my hand was easier compared to that of removing make up from my eyes. However, we must also understand that the skin around the eyes are more sensitive and this product did not irritate the skin at all.

I first applied a swatch of thick pigment of black kajal and then a swatch of  lipstick

The lipstick stain came off pretty easily as you see.

The Kajal took two to three swipes

Then I proceeded to wipe half of my make up that I was wearing on my face. My photographer thought I was crazy to do this. But I had to test it for you all 🙂

Below is my make up look before I decided to remove half of my eyeliner and lipstick.

Here I have removed my eyeliner. As you can see, it took me two-three swipes before it was completely removed. I was happy with the result considering that it is so easy to remove the make up on my face.

The number of swipes totally depends on the kind of make-up and pigment used. Facial wipes that don’t contain alcohol will take a tad longer compared to other wipes to remove make up.

In the below picture, I have removed the lipstick stain from the upper lip.

That’s a candid picture of me reacting to my photographer who thought I looked super funny with this half make up-half no make up look

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone regardless of whether they use make up or no. Any one who has what I call a “Tissue Issue”. One who is always in need of a tissue. Some one like me! I cannot step outside my home without a pack of tissues and these facial wipes are great because they remove dust, dirt, make-up and also makes the skin fresh! Priced at 100 INR for 25 wipes, they are not expensive considering the quality of the product.  You can buy the products here:

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