Don’t do that to your hair!

We all know how  curly and wavy hair need extra TLC (tender loving care).  Managing curly/wavy hair is like trying to lose weight- you need to put in extra effort and sometimes you think it’s all worthless but in the end, the effort always pays off.

If you love your hair and do not know how to effectively manage it, one of my previous posts might help you!

With continued efforts and a wee little bit of patience, you can tame your mane! Altering your hair care habits can go a long way. In this post, I’ll share a few more secrets that will reveal how small minute habits can make a huge difference in the way you treat your hair.

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 Oiling your hair

Oiling my hair has improved my hair texture within a few months. I don’t stick to any particular brand as I keep trying new and unexplored variants. Picking the right hair oil is of utmost importance.  There are a range of hair oils available in the market- however be careful with what suits you or what doesn’t. I keep trying out new hair oils and my hair reacts differently to different products depending on the season of the year. Virgin coconut hair oil works best. These days, I’m using the Bringa hair oil by Indulekha and it is suiting my hair very well. I oil my hair at least thrice a week. I would recommend you to oil and massage your hair at least twice a week. The results will not show immediately but you’ll be amazed by how beautifully your hair can adapt to hair oil and the texture of the hair improves by a quantum.

hair care regime

Applying Shampoo, Conditioner & Other Products the correct way

Incorrect application of hair products does more damage to hair than you can imagine. Here’s how I apply hair care products:

  • Oil my hair. Applying a liberal quantity on my scalp, hair and roots. I keep it overnight
  • Wash my hair first even before I take a bath. Shampoo it- first applying a coin sized amount in my hand, sometimes diluting it. I bend my head and then I apply the shampoo at the back of my head and then slowly applying it all over my head, scalp and at last lengths of my hair and roots. I leave the shampoo on my hair for at least 3-5 minutes
  • Once the shampoo is cleansed properly, I squeeze a liberal amount of conditioner on my palms and then apply it along the lengths of my hair and roots avoiding the scalp. I leave in the conditioner for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing it off completely
  • Serum is applied onto the lengths of the hair and I avoid blow drying my hair as it makes the hair very dry. I let my hair naturally dry

Avoid applying the shampoo, conditioner or serum directly on your hair! This will lead to access chemical formation of your hair where you tend to use the products a lot and thereby severely damaging your hair.

Don’t get paranoid over hair-fall

The average person loses between 60 to 100 hairs a day, says Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist (a trained scalp expert) with Philip Kingsley

Hair is very sensitive to any stress played on the body. If you are going through a bad day at work or suffering from a mild fever; chances are that this short-term blip may result in a temporary increase in hair fall. But stressing over the fact that you have hair fall will not help! “The good news is that as long as your system has recovered and you continue to take care of yourself, there’s no cause for concern,” says Kingsley. Your hair will stop falling out on its own and will grow back as usual.

hair fall quote

So sit back, relax and tame your curls, the right way!


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