How I Boxed My Books Away


I love books. To the point that I always carry one with one. Book lovers can relate to the pleasure of buying new books and growing your mini-library at home.

Book Blogger In Mumbai
I’m guilty of buying too many books

Book lovers can also relate to the feeling of buying hoards of books and sometimes not able to read them all!

For the past two years, I have purchased more books that I can ever read in the next two years- and this in addition to the numerous libraries I’ve subscribed to. Sounds crazy; actually, no. We book lovers are like this only.

Book Review Blogger Book Blogger In Mumbai
Every book lover can relate to the joy of watching their book collection grow

Recently, I had a revelation of how I’m using up almost a good chunk of my storage space at home. The day that I have to move my book collection to office doesn’t seem far.

Even a tiny little space doesn’t go wasted. My books occupy every open space
Book Review Book Blogger in Mumbai
There are books almost everywhere in my home!

When I analysed, I realized I have a good chunk of read and unread books. Unread books can be further sorted into priorities.

Sorting is not the most difficult part, where do I store them? That’s the burning question!

Almost as if it were a divine intervention, I discovered BoxMySpace online. This was just what I have looking for. I could hire their storage space for various time durations for a nominal fee. I can recall my goods any time I want and they’ll deliver my items back within 24 hours!

Each Box has a unique number (cannot be seen here)

As I browsed through their website, I assumed that this sort of service might come with a hefty price tag. To my surprise, the rental was affordable. Starting at just 69 INR, the brand offers different plans ranging from monthly to yearly.

How Box My Space Works

I also learnt that the good guys at BoxMySpace can store anything that I wanted. They have a simple concept of storage by box and storage by space.

Quickly, I requested for the box. Within two days, two bright blue boxes were delivered at my residence.

I neatly packed all the books that I wanted to be safeguarded and asked for a pick up. The boxes were promptly collected and I was updated about its status.

All my books, magazines, papers are now stored in the box

This concept of offering storage space on rent is fairly new in India. I was intrigued and after a few internet searches, I read about how the idea struck Pratyush Jalan who then went on to co-find BoxMySpace. After moving from The US to Mumbai, Pratyush Jalan, had a number of suitcases which he wanted to store somewhere that was safe just until he could find himself a place to settle down. But, to his surprise, he could not find any place or service which could help him store his stuff for a few days. This was the eureka moment for him and left him with an idea to work on the concept of storage in urban cities.

Final Verdict

The concept is new and not a lot of people are welcoming to this idea. However, for people like me, who are happy to store away their stuff to make way for a de-cluttered home- this is the perfect solution!

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BoxMySpace on Social Media

Being an ardent social media addict, I checked out their Facebook and Twitter pages. The brand has targeted a wide range of their audience and has conveyed efficiently the need to de-clutter their office/home space through smart use of creative imagery that not only connects with Mumbai but also the different residents.

Will I re-use BoxMySpace’s Services?

Definitely yes! I just have one suggestion- boxes should be available in multiple colours- oh wait..they are not going to be home anyway. Ooops.

MusingsofabombaygirlAlso, I’m nominating Amena Azeez, Roxanne D’Souza and Dayle Pereira (fellow bloggers in mumbai) to de-clutter their homes.

Hint: You may try BoxMySpace

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