Book Review: Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup

Indian authors are not liked by many. Many have told me how Indian authors are “boring and so predictable”. When I pick books, I am very careful. The summary has to excite me. Only then will I go ahead with the book. Very rarely do I read a book on a friend’s recommendation.

A few years back, I chanced upon Q & A written by Vikas Swarup. As most of you know, Slumdog Millionaire was inspired from this book. The title and the summary caught my fancy and I started reading it. I must admit, that Q & A is one of my favourite books. I cried when I felt the character’s pain. I wept when a character died. I felt so happy when Ram Mohammad Thomas won a million dollars! The book is unlike any other that I have read so far. If  you haven’t picked it up yet, please do so!

So, back to my review of Six Suspects… I can just go on and on about books. 😛

I recently read Vikas Swarup’s Six Suspects. It looks like it is loosely inspired from Jessica Lal’s case. But the twist is, Vicky Rai, accused of Ruby Gill’s (Jessica Lal) is found dead. There are six suspects: A Bollywood actress, A politician, A tribal from Jharkhand accused of being a Maoist, A mobile thief, a dumb Hollywood producer, Vicky Rai’s dad.

The novel unveils six different stories. The stories intersect at various junctures and create an amusing thriller.

Six different psyches are portrayed. Through the characters Vikas Swarup gives the reader a glimpse of Modern India. What’s fascinating is the relevance of the book to the current political scenario.

Go, read the book and let me know if you liked it or no!

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