Battle for Bittora~ Anuja Chauhan

I loved Anuja’s first book, the Zoya Factor. So was excited to read  this one. The book is about politics and the tactics used by contestants to win the election. Every girl can relate to the protagonist, Jinni  and her girly problems. The book manages to keep you hooked though at places I felt it was little slow. The budding romance between Jinni and her opponent ZAK makes the reader go awwww..

The story is based on an election held at Pavit Pradesh, a fictitious state in India.

The book gives the reader an insight of  campaigning of elections.

Anuja describes Bittora, in Pavit Pradesh very well vividly detailing  out the whole constituency and its people for the reader.

The climax is somewhat predictable but not disappointing.

On a scale of 5, I’ll rate it 4. 😉

Do let me know if you’ve read the book.

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