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Few lives have been more eventful and controversial than Protima Bedi’s, and this book, derived from her unfinished autobiography, journals and her letters to family, friends and lovers, is a startlingly frank and passionate memoir. Illustrated with over fifty photographs, this is the story of a remarkable woman who had the spirit, the courage and the intelligence to live life entirely on her own terms (Source)

Many people know Protima Bedi to be as the rebellious woman who defied norms of society. A bold woman who didn’t care two hoots about ‘what people thought’. She lived life on her own terms. Many were taken by surprise when she switched her lifestyle and dedicated her life to Odissi and later Nrityagram

Protima Bedi Odissi

I remember vaguely once when mom once refered to Protima Bedi as the ‘woman who streaked’ I’d wondered why would a woman do that? What were her intentions?

As I read the book, I understood Protima. Her transformation from Protima Gupta to Protima Bedi to Protima Gauri was nothing short of incredible.

Protima Bedi

I read the book as a spectator. Not judging her, her life, her thoughts or her beliefs. Her passion for Odissi and the way she strove hard to build Nrityagram is heart rendering.

The way she lived her life, her numerous lovers, the way she brought her kids are non-conventional. She chose to call a spade a spade. She was uninhibited, free and forever loved.

What’s saddening that this book is derived from her unfinished autobiography.


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