A Trip Down a Culinary Memory Lane ~ South Indian Food Fest at Renaissance Mumbai

Renaissance Mumbai recently had a South Indian food fest and I was invited to sample the food.   I was at Lake View Cafe, expecting a regular ‘South Indian’ food. But honestly, I was over-whelmed by the food that was being served. Though most of the buffet menu consisted of Kerelan and Tamilian delicacies, I enjoyed the meal. Being a Malayali, I did get sentimental. The food brought back all the memories of visiting Kerala. Food Nostalgia swept me away.  I remembered all those times when we had to uncomfortably sit on the floor with a banana leaf spread in front of us. Waiting for the cousins to turn up so that I could finally start eating. Aunts who complained that I looked almost skeletal (just because I refused another helping of a huge heap of rice). Talking to Amma- my grandmother about food etiquettes (Amma is very strict)…

I may be biased but I loved everything that was on the menu. I’m just sharing the pictures with you guys. Unfortunately, the food promotion ended last month. If you know of any other places where they serve authentic South Indian food (except Cafe Mysore or Madras Cafe) please share it with me!

Renaissance Hotel Mumbai
Welcome Plank on the table!

Renaissance Mumbai Hotel
The Live Food Counter

Renaissance  Mumbai Hotel
Very aptly decorated buffet counter!
Renaissance Mumbai Hotel
I’m not doing justice through this pic, but they had a LOT of poppadums!
Renaissance Mumbai
The buffet counter!
Renaissance Hotel
Pick me.. Pick me.. said all these pickles!
Renaissance Mumbai
The improvised Salad Bar- an innovative twist.
Funny Signage
Prawn Soup
Prawn Rasam- a twist to the traditional Tomato Rasam. I loved it. 😀 Spicy yet refreshing!
Pesarattu Andhra Dosa
Pesarattu- the Andra Pradesh speciality dosa! Crunchy and totally yummy
Infront: Param Pozhi (Banana dipped in batter and fried), Masala Idli Back: Prawns and Kozhi (chicken) vada
Sambharam- Chaas South Indian
Sumbaaram- The South Indian Chaas
The good ol’ Masala Dosa with Chutney
Beef Fry
Only a true mallu will understand the importance of Beef Fry. It’s an integral part of our lifestyle
Malabari Parottas. Almost anything can be had with them. At least we do!
Filter Coffee
Filter Kaapi

Do you enjoy South Indian food like me? What’s your favourite South Indian dish? Share your thoughts with me.

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