A Big Announcement

For days, I’ve been thinking about how to write this announcement post. How will I break this news? Will it be too much of a social media share?

Though I am extremely active on social media, I haven’t announced anything about my marriage plans or decisions.

So here it is, I’m getting married this year! 😀

Marriage and all the affiliated customs. No matter how ‘simple’ the customs or rituals are- it always gets hectic, confusing, chaotic and is very stressful until you ‘finish’ it

I know all this because I have been planning for my engagement for over a month now and no matter every single time when I think I’ve sorted out everything, I happen to remember something that I have missed!

Managing my wedding this year is going to be no easy task. The last complete wedding that I was a part of was in.. errm.. well.. I don’t know. It’s that long! My only interaction with others’ marriages are attending the reception and posing with the couple for a picture.

I have absolutely no clue on how things work. So I did was we all do during times like this- ask for advice! I got some advice from neighbours who have become experts in managing marriages, thanks to the numerous events in their extended families. Unluckily (or luckily) I had so such pleasures. All my extended family members were married off when I was a baby or while I was growing up.

After gaining some worldly advice, I started Googling. I found out while there were numerous articles on managing different aspects of a marriage, none of the articles talks about managing your own wedding. So, I’ve decided to start this series of “Managing Your Wedding” 

Through the series, I plan to detail out every single aspect that I planned with respect to my wedding. I will also be collaborating with brands and people who can offer insightful opinions and advice that all come under the purview of managing your wedding. Please share your comments, it will only help me plan for future posts.

Coming back to my engagement- We decided to keep our engagement a simple event- just about 30 guests who are close family members. The specific rituals were mutually decided. The basic part was done. Now the most important aspect was to be sorted. There were other questions that were to be answered:

  • What do I wear?
  • Where do I buy the clothes from?
  • How much should I spend?
  • Should I do my own make up?
  • I have short hair. How do I manage it for an Indian occasion?
  • What jewelry should I wear?
  • Should I do Mehendi or no?
  • I need a photographer! But they are so expensive these days. Who do I hire?

There are just a few of the questions that were daunting me. I did what we all do during situations like these- GOOGLE extensively.

I’ve been closely following these blogs of some Indian Wedding websites that also help you source vendors. Reading about everything from what’s happening in the current cross cultural marriages to what hairstyles can you opt for, these wedding blogs cover everything. They also feature real weddings that will surely inspire and titillate your imaginations of your own wedding.

  1. https://www.wedmegood.com/blog
  2. http://www.shaadisaga.com/blog/
  3. http://weddingsutra.com/blog/

Now with basic research done, I took about two weeks to decide what to wear. I opted to wear a lehenga for the engagement.

After numerous consultations with neighbours, friends who are designers;I visited Gandhi Market (Sion), Irla (Near Vile Parle), Lokhandwala Market and NADCO (Andheri West) to look for options on lehengas & jewelry.

I finally opted for a dress material from a store at Gandhi Market and got it stitched from a trusted tailor (recommended by the neighbour who swears by him)

The jewelry and other items were bought from Irla, Lokhandwala and NADCO.

Stay tuned for a outfit details, in the coming blog post.

For hair & make up, I decided to opt for MyGlamm – the at home expert beauty service provider. I shared my idea of doing a series of posts about preparing for the wedding. They will willing to partner with MOABG and offered a few complimentary beauty services that I review on my blog.

Details of the services that I opted for, before the engagement will be shared in the next blog post. So stay tuned.

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